Friday, February 12, 2016

NTBears Episode 15a - David Interviews Dale Lazarov

David Interviews Dale Lazarov -

Dale Lazarov writes, art directs and licenses wordless, gay character-based, sex-positive graphic novels published under the Sticky Graphic Novels imprint: PEACOCK PUNKS (drawn by Mauro Mariotti), FAST FRIENDS (drawn by Michael Broderick), GREEK LOVE (drawn by Adam Graphite), GOOD SPORTS (drawn by Alessio Slonimsky), NIGHTLIFE (drawn by Bastian Jonsson), MANLY (drawn by Amy Colburn), and STICKY (drawn by Steve MacIsaac). Sticky Graphic Novels are published in hardcover by Bruno Gmünder GmbH and in digital format through Class Comics. He lives in Chicago. His website is at
Amazon link for his books:

ISBNs for the hardcover editions:

FAST FRIENDS: ISBN-10: 3867878412

PEACOCK PUNKS: ISBN-10: 3959850034

GREEK LOVE: ISBN 978-3-95985-004-9


URLs Sticky Graphic Novels digital editions sold through Class Comics:




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