Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NTBears Episode 21

Hello all,
Vinny here with the 21st episode! While David and Brian are rocking out with their cocks out in P Town we sneak a straight guy into the show. He is my brother and he goes by Bones. He's accompanied by his lovely wife Boo Boo Kitty. We've also got Shark Week, Brooklyn, and my boo Kevin. We talk about Shark Week's trip to the water park, cool pool floats and what your goals should be while lounging in the pool. Plus Boo Boo Kitty and Bones recount a teenager filled camping trip that ends in a laser light show. Then Kevin and I recount a time of purging in the 1st years of our togetherness. We also cover gym etiquette and what Shark Week claims I do at the gym that embarrasses and amuses her.

Please for the love of Jebus email us at nexttuesdaybears@gmail.com

Enjoy the Show!

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