Tuesday, March 14, 2017

NT Bears Episode 28

Welcome to Episode # 28! This week we've got Kevin, Vinny, Brian, David and SHARKWEEK! We start with instructions on how to properly clean your toilet.... yeah.. Then we start the show! David talks about the Summer Solar Eclipse on 8/21. Then we continue with the End of the World talk and lay into Him who is not to be named... No not Hastur, Trump. We've got a lot to say as well so strap in. We also talk about how we give our dogs pills and Kevin tells the story of he was once Old McDonald living on a mini-farm.

Do you poop and pee at the exact same time? Do you only poop w/o peeing? We need to know! Email us at nexttuesdaybears@gmail.com (Vinny's weird btw).

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