Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Next Tuesday Bears featuring Sharkweek Episode 29!

Welcome to Episode # 29! We've got David, Brian, Vinnie, Kevin and Sharkweek! Joining us this week Spark and Ducky! So umm, yeah, this week we imbibe in ways we haven't before. Reminder of the solar eclipse on 8/21/17! I apologize if I'm a little (a lot) annoying this week (David). Anyhow it's a hell of a week, as you'll soon hear, we don't realize that some peoples mics aren't on. We talk about some movies we want to see, the TV shows we're enjoying. Then we dissolve into giggling school children who discuss Brian and David's Trip to Nashville, TN and also Cincinnati to Brian's brothers' wedding reception and the night that followed. David and Vinnie have some frank discussions when the rest of the group is feeding. We talk about other stuff too but this is getting too long already. LISTEN! COMMENT! EMAIL US! Nexttuesdaybears@gmail.com

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